CNPP Certified

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CNPP Certified

CNPP Certified - FIRE

  • Sprinkler components : Pumps, Engines, Pressure switches, butterfly valves, sprinkler alarm devices,
  • Infrared Cameras,
  • Video smokes and/or flames detection systems,
  • Heat detection systems by infrared camera,
  • Systems for protection of electrical cabinets against fire,
  • Fixed fire extinguishing system for oil cooking fire,
  • Gas detectors - Electric apparatus for the detection of carbon monoxide in domestic premises,
  • Connected solution for fault management and automatic safety of high-voltage transformers A.

 CNPP Certified –Videosurveillance

  • Video monitoring Cameras,
  • Digital Video Recorders,
  • Flow enhancement function dedicated to safety/security systems,
  • Access Control System.

CNPP Certified – Security

  • Key Lock boxes,
  • Vehicles commercial lock forback and side door

For any other product or certification need, contact us.

This certification is based on a type 1 assessment as defined on the ISO 17067 standard.
 For making an application, procedures and associated rates are available on upon request
CNPP Certified procedure A221
List of covered products
List of CNPP Certified certificates

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