Conformity assessment and testing
Fully impartial assessment

EMC, environmental, mechanical, electrical tests

  • As part of the application of Directive CE/CEM2004/108/CE, the Construction Products Directive 305/2011, military standards (DO 160 - MILSTD), aerospace and automotive industry standards, or as part of specific specifications.
  • As part of product certification (CE/CPR, A2P, NC marking, etc.), in the areas of fire safety or computer security.
  • As part of development/pre-qualification/qualification campaigns for various products according to regulatory or specific requirements or standards.

 The tests are carried out under extreme conditions in order to simulate the accelerated aging of the product and assess its capacity to operate correctly throughout its service life, even after undergoing loads at its operating limitations.

Different types of tests 

Environmental tests:
cold, dry heat, cyclic or continuous damp heat.
Corrosion tests:
SO2, salt spray.
Leak tests:
determining the IP coefficients specific to your appliances, capability of the product
to withstand penetration by a solid body and water.
Mechanical tests:
These consist in checking the product's capacity to withstand the various stresses caused by thrust, traction, tearing, explosion, vibration, shock, impact, etc.
Electrical safety tests:
These tests are carried out within the framework of the implementation of the Low Voltage Directive CE/LVD 2006/95/EC. 


Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC):

 Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) are designed to check:
  • The ability of equipment to function properly in an electromagnetically disturbed environment
  • that the level of electromagnetic pollution generated by an appliance does not reach values that could jeopardize the correct operation of other devices placed in its vicinity. 
Immunity tests:
Radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, magnetic field at mains frequency, electrostatic discharge, low-frequency disturbances, voltage dips, etc. 
Emission measurement:
measurement of radiated disturbances, conducted disturbances, harmonic currents, voltage fluctuations, popping.
essais de compatibilité électromagnétique (CEM)
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