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Auditing private security services

Problems in managing private security services?

Our experts help you by jointly auditing private security services for SEVESO sites and other sectors:

  • Together with the contractor, we define precise commitments consistent with your line of business.
  • We assist contractors and service providers so that the objectives (supporting documents, performance clauses, penalties, etc.) are effectively integrated.
  • We monitor compliance with best practices and regulatory / contractual obligations ("field" inspections and audits) 
 sécurité privée

Our methodology for SEVESO sites:

  • Assessment of the human resources, numbers of officers, qualifications, accreditation and experience acquired, in parallel with the regulatory compliance audit.
  • Diagnostic of the procedures and instructions in place in accordance with the specifications and the security program.
  • Analysis of customer procedures and application instructions of the service provider(s) for safety, security and surveillance assignments.
  • Analysis and testing of customer and provider emergency procedures, emergency response cards, alert procedures, information loop, etc.
  • Analysis of the consistency between the assignments entrusted to the officers, the technical resources and the associated instructions and procédures.
  • Quality assessment of the safety, security and surveillance services ensured by the providers in charge of security assignments.
  • Comparative assessment of the assignments carried out and of the tasks requested in the specifications and the special technical spécifications.
  • Audit and assessment of record keeping of officers, accreditations and legal documents of the different providers involved.
  • Assessment of the level of joint criminal responsability of the service providers(s).
  • Interviews with the managers of the various service providers, engaged in the customer's surveillance and security operations.  
  • Analysis of the interoperability between the assignments carried out by the surveillance providers and the joint actions of the law enforcement services  (Gendarmerie, National and Municipal Police, Customs, etc.).

Our references in private security:

  • A group, world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and the health sector
  • Agribusiness
  • Tertiary sector

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