Fire Safety System (FSS)

A Fire Safety System (FSS) refers to all the means used to detect, inform, intervene or evacuate a public access building (PAB) in the event of a fire.
Installing a type of FSS in a facility is determined by the Safety Committee or by the facility’s Safety Regulations.
They are classified into five categories (A, B, C, D and E) according to the degree of fire hazard inherent to the facility. Category A is the most complete and class E the most rudimentary. According to its category, an FSS must manage the automatic fire extinguishing system, smoke clearance, the shutdown if and when required of technical and/or electrical facilities, the triggering of fire doors and the evacuation of people.
CNPP trains your teams in the design, installation, and maintenance of Fire Safety Systems (FSS) in accordance with APSAD rule R7
CNPP engineers provide on-site control of your safety systems (FSS, FPCP, etc.)
Over 2,000 service certifications for installations and/or maintenance and/or audits have been issued by CNPP Cert. to companies for the services they provide including on FSS.

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