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Ethics and engagements

Today we are proud to share our ethics:

Impartiality  This reflects our positioning as an independent third party. It is a binding commitment we have with all of our stakeholders and our customers first and foremost.
  Pragmatism CNPP stands out in particular for its ability to provide practical, operational solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. They are often based on feedback and characterized by our "field" approach.
Creativity    We highlight the technical skills of our teams, and their ability to develop new, often innovative solutions. It also reflects the commitment to our stakeholders to fully play our role as a benchmark organization in risk control.
Passion   CNPP business lines, whose purpose is to develop a corporate culture based on risk prevention and control, give our employees’ work significant meaning and motivation. CNPP is also a company that puts the focus on the "human factor".
Expertise By this we mean the technical skills of our teams but also the concepts of rigor and precision that characterize our services. CNPP knows how to capitalize on experience in order to publish trade practices.

Our commitment in favour of risk prevention and control:

  • Maintain our position as a leading player in risk prevention and control
  • Develop a pragmatic approach and promote the value of feedback in our solutions
  • Be a reliable partner in the long term
  • Be receptive to all of our stakeholders
  • Guarantee the impartiality and independence of our services
  • Propose customized, innovative solutions
  • Support the growing competence of stakeholders in risk management

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