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Vocational training at CNPP

Each year CNPP trains some 26,000 people in France, French Overseas Territories and foreign countries, backed in particular by :
  • 1 instruction facility, west of Paris
  • 7 locations in France, in Paris, Mulhouse, Douai, Nantes, Toulouse, La Ciotat, and Lyon
  • 3 mobile training units
  • 3 subsidiaries in Morocco, Benelux and Reunion Island
  • A network of partners and accredited training Centres in Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, New Caledonia, and French Polynesia
Specialized training courses in the following risk areas :
  • Fire and explosion risks
  • Malicious acts risks
  • Occupational hazards in the workplace
  • Environmental and technological risks
  • Machinery breakage risks
Training courses for a variety of audiences :
  • Personnel involved in the management, organization, financing and facilitation of security and safety :
    • Safety and security managers and OHS staff
    • HSE or QSE managers
    • Underwriters and prevention engineers in insurance companies
    • Risk managers and insurance brokers
    • Second response team members and team leaders
    • Disaster scene experts and investigators
    • Fire safety trainers
    • Directors and managers in corporate crisis units
  • The staff responsible for implementing fire safety and security technologies :
    • The designers and installers of fire safety and security systems
    • Account managers for security systems installers
    • Technicians and engineers in design offices (detection, extinction, video, intrusion, access control, etc.)
    • The technicians in charge of the commissioning, maintenance and verification of safety and security systems
    • Maintenance and new works managers
    • Infrared thermography operators responsible for preventing electrical fires
  • The staff responsible for the sustainability of production Tools :
    • Industrial production and maintenance managers
    • Industrial maintenance contractors
  • Personal faced with the occurrence of a risk and having to deal with it :
    • Safety officers and security officers
    • Professional and company firefighters
    • In-house 1st and 2nd response team members
    • Staff in contact with the public 
    • Drivers and personal chauffeurs
    • Personnel going on business trips or staying abroad
    • Staff working in confined spaces
    • Personnel faced with a chemical risk
Different forms of training courses :
  • Classroom training, with case studies and group work
  • Applied training using mock-ups and technical facilities
  • Practical training with realistic simulation exercises
  • Training on the customer site using a mobile training unit (fire, chemical risks, evacuation exercises)
  • Training on the customer site, with practical application of the available resources and facilities
  • Training courses with written and practical tests leading to certification
  • Training courses with an examination board
Locations where our training courses are provided :
  • On the different CNPP sites in France and abroad
  • On the sites of our customers in France and abroad.
Languages :
  • CNPP training courses can be provided in Dutch, English, French or German
  • Through the CFPA network, CNPP has a network of partners capable of providing training in the language of each EU member country.
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