Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an appliance that can direct a fire extinguishing agent on the seat of a fire. The projection of the agent out of the apparatus is obtained by the effect of an internal pressure that may be due either to the pre-compression of the extinguishing agent or the release of a pressurizing gas at the time of implementation. An extinguisher is essentially characterized by the extinguishing agent it contains. A distinction can be made between:
- Water-based fire extinguishers (sprayed, with or without additives, and in foam form)
- BC or ABC powder extinguishers,
- Carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO2).
CNPP provides training courses in handling fire extinguishers, as well as training courses on the verification and maintenance of fire extinguishers.
CNPP tests extinguishing agents in its laboratories.
CNPP Cert. issues APSAD & NF Service joint certification for the installation mobile fire extinguishers.
CNPP publishes the APSAD R4 reference document: portable and mobile extinguishers, installation rule.

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