Fire Protection Control Panel (FCCP)

The FPCP or Fire Protection Control Panel ensures automatic centralized control of the protection for a building.
The FPCP includes two sub-assemblies:
  • An alarm management unit (AMU) that is part of the alarm equipment (AE) and which controls the sounders (DS) for evacuation.
  • A signalling unit (SU) + a centralized manual control unit (CMCU) that ensures the control and signalling of compartmentation and smoke clearance equipment.
CNPP trains your teams in the design, installation, and maintenance of Fire Safety Systems (FSS) and FPCPs in accordance with APSAD rule R7
CNPP engineers provide on-site control of your safety systems (FSS, FPCP, etc.)
Over 2,000 service certifications for installations and/or maintenance and/or audits have been issued by CNPP Cert. to companies for the services they provide including on FSS, FPCPs.

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