Internal Operations Plan (IOP)

At the request of the administration, for certain facilities subject to mandatory authorization or for classified installations subject to easements, the plant manager must establish an Internal Operations Plan or IOP.
In the IOP the plant manager defines the organizational methods, methods of intervention and the means required to gradually implement the plan depending on developments.
The purpose of the IOP is to deal with an accident and protect the plant’s personnel, property and environment.
The Internal Operations Plan (IOP) must be written taking into account the elements contained in the danger analysis (accident scenarios in particular) and designates, for the plant, a person in charge of its application and qualified personnel for carrying it out. CNPP provides training courses in contingency and crisis management plans.
So-called 'Seveso' class facilities must establish an IOP before being commissioned, and update and test the plan at least once every 3 years.

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