Smoke Clearance

A mechanical or natural, static or dynamic system ensuring the effective evacuation of fumes to the outside of a building on fire. The purpose of smoke clearance, at the beginning of a fire, is to extract from the premises part of the fumes and combustion gases so that pathways used to evacuate the public remain practical. Clearance is carried out by sufficient air input and output to remove the fumes while maintaining a certain degree of stratification. (Excerpt from the Practical Guide to fire safety - 13th edition)
CNPP trains your teams to design and implement a smoke clearance system.
CNPP engineers ensure fire safety engineering and fire resistance tests for fire shutters and smoke extraction dampers.
Over 2,000 service certifications for installations and/or maintenance and/or audits have been issued by CNPP Cert. to companies for the services they provide including on natural smoke clearance systems.
CNPP Editions provides reference documents, books and tools to inform you about smoke clearance

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