The hypervision system

Today, a number of companies have a central safety/security control station using real-time information from different fire, intrusion or technical control panels. They either have different generations of systems or different brands.
Their problem lies in having a single operations support system.
Today, the versatility of safety and security teams reinforces that need.
The  hypervision/supervision  system combines different systems into a single human interface and one machine.
The hypervision/supervision system is used to centralize and process information related to technical applications as well as safety/ security applications, to facilitate the processing of the data involved, enable better interaction between the applications and correspond closer to operating needs and constraints.
The challenges facing your company
  • Responding appropriately to requirements involving the centralization and use of information.
  • Managing priorities between applications
  • Minimizing the risk of inefficiency or inexpediency
  • Having a reliable, user-friendly, safe system flexible to change.
  • Not depending on individual providers.
  • Determining the proper investment in terms of expectations.
The benefits of working with CNPP
  • We convert your needs and expectations for implementation and operation into functional requirements.
  • We integrate the trade practices to be applied in terms of the design, implementation, training, operation and maintenance of your systems.
  • We check the consistency of the technical solutions described in the individual technical specifications with you.
  • Using a structured analysis, we compare the tenders from service providers and clarify the ambiguities of each tender in relation to the objectives.
  • Before starting work, we ensure:
  • the consistency and the presence of the appropriate information for implementation.
  • the proper conduct and coordination of the work and detect any deviations as early as possible.
  • You thus have all the necessary contract documents and forms compiled ready for operation and maintenance.
  • This means we can check and ensure that the steps are carried out properly and that the facility meets the stated objectives.
Our strengths
  • Expert knowledge of all the hypervisor subsystems
  • Expertise in Risk control and treatment
  • Expertise in special risks such as Cybersecurity
  • Special project manager and support from application experts
  • Methodical approach to the needs expressed.
  • Our standing as a neutral, independent, impartial third party

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