Video surveillance/ Video protection

A video surveillance system is a system for taking and transmitting images at a distance in time and space. It is an additional means for ensuring the security of a company. It cannot be effective on its own, and must be designed in accordance with an intrusion detection system and existing mechanical protection and/or other additional systems.
Video surveillanceis referred to as video protection in the regulations since the circular of 12 March 2009 on the conditions of deployment of video protection systems and the order of 1 June 2010 establishing a personal data processing system referred to as the "automated management of authorization applications to install video protection systems.»
Excerpt from the collection "Security techniques and technologies": Video surveillance/ video protection
CNPP trains your teams to control electrical installations by infrared thermography according to reference document APSAD D19 and tests the performance characteristics of all types of safety / security equipment when there is no corresponding certification process, including video surveillance cameras.
NF Service certification is issued jointly with APSAD certification to companies providing all of the following services: study and design, construction, commissioning and monitoring during the warranty period, periodic checks and maintenance.

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